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My trip to Ecuador in 2007

My trip to Italy in 2005

My friend Pete!

What's New05/14/2004!
What started it all, Jeep101!
Marvin, my first Jeep

The first day
The first trip
The RE Lift
Bonita Springs '99
6-switch mod

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!

The trade
back to the everglades
Lifting the YellowJeep
Bonita Springs again
Looking at bigger tires
Waterproofing the transmission
Currie Bumpers
Body Lift
On-Board Air
Longarm Kit!
MOAB Slideshow
Uwharrie, NC
700 Tellico pics!!!
D30 Hi-Steer
Rear Axle
dana 44 front axle
AtlasII install
NV3550 disassembly
MOAB '05
a little Baja action in vegas

Fan Club
Others yellow Jeeps!

Some of the stuff I like that is NOT jeep related!
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