Rubicon Express 3" suspension lift

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What would a 3" lift look like? 

Front view of "jack-lift" ----> 

The FedEx man 
Cometh with 
gifts from 
Rubicon Express
11:00 AM 

Hmmmm..., what did I get for my $709? 

All the pieces unwrapped! 
(they missed the bar-pins even 
after I EXPLICITLY reminded 
them to not to forget because I got 
RS9000's instead of the DT's) 
I am still waiting RE!

Had the front installed before 
I went to work at 2PM 
(except swaybar) 
I used my press to remove the 
bar-pins from the stock shocks 

Comparison of old and new 
(will post specs) 

First view of the lift! 

Driveline angle before lowering 


Driveline angle after lowering 
(I apologize for the 
different camera angles, the pinion is pointed up a few degrees more) 

*You might notice the lack of detail, this was my first lift, and though mechanically competent, I had not fully grasped what was involved in lifting the suspension and the effects it would have on the suspension geometry. I did not realize the effects until I took the lift off to trade in for the yellow 2000. (I did not correct the caster or pinion angles, and the handling was scary at times, two particular occasions, it went in to a hard 'tank slapper' as motorcyclists put it, and others in traffic next to me had real big eyes if you know what I mean.) It was then that I decided to wait until I thought the process through and fully documented the existing geometry to baseline what would be required for a 'factory' ride.